Travel Flash Fiction: Uncool Family Outing by Grey Olavarria


Please scan your passport now.

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Cashews: A Love Poem by Grey Olavarria


Cashews are so pretty
With crunchy, round bellies
I admire them with my toungue

Golden perfection
Seed of a cashew apple
Just one seed per fruit

Ground into butter
Roasted and salted, to taste
Put peanuts to shame

Summer Flash Fiction: Sun Burn by Grey Olavarria


“I told you you were going to burn.”

I reach back behind my shoulder and pick at my peeling skin.

“Stop that!” Lisa says, smacking my hand away. She rubs aloe on my back, shaking her head at my reflection in the mirror.

My face is a bright pink and there are light beige lines where my glasses had been. My teeth radiate, white, as I smile.

“You can get skin cancer, you know that?! What were you thinking?” She waits for a response as she wipes the aloe gel from her hands on a towel.

I shrug my aching, red shoulders and close my eyes.

I don’t tell her that I was trying to absorb as much of the summer sun as possible. I don’t tell her I was collecting the warmth and storing it for the winter. I don’t tell her I’m preparing for the snow storm that is coming.

Even with my eyes shut, I can see the light through my eyelids, bright.

I’m glowing.

Wanderlust #2, 2011 by Grey Olavarria

Part of the series, Wanderlust: Peel off the Layers, a photo project of nude portraits shot in the Icelandic landscape. By Grey Olavarria, 2011, All Rights Reserved. For inquiries on this series, please contact me at:

Climbing Towards Recovery by Grey Olavarria

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Cremation, 2012, by Grey Olavarria

Miss Grey’s Afterschool Breakdown, by Grey Olavarria, 2012

Curtsey, by Grey Olavarria, 2012

Ganesha Sharanam during our impromptu Beach Bash kirtan.

Nick- Djembe, Tasha- Bells, Grey- Guitar, Vocals

After a wonderful evening, sitting in the presence of Amma (spiritual leader and guru) and finally being embraced by her, I met another teacher of mine, Kelly Cutrone. I loved watching her in The City and Kell on Earth, but I mostly love her for her two books, If You Have to Cry, Go Outside and Normal Gets You Nowhere. Both books spoke to me, telling me exactly what I needed to hear and teaching me all I needed to know. She is an inspiration to me, a hero. I feel so blessed to have met her, especially during such a wonderful event. We had a great conversation and shared a few hugs. She is as amazing and strong as she is on camera and print. <3

Bends, 2012, by Grey Olavarria

National Geographic- Traveler Photo Contest 2012 Entry by Grey Olavarria

Click on the above link and “like” through your facebook account. The content isn’t won through votes, but it’s still cool to get the Thumbs Up of support. Having my photographs on National Geographic has always been one of my biggest dreams. Can dreams come true? <3

Banana, 2012, by Grey Olavarria

How to be Romantic, 2012, by Grey Olavarria

Dreads: Self-portrait, 2012, by Grey Olavarria